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Thirty Plus years of carpentry and metal working culminate into a labor of love. Combining antler, wood and other worthy materials with high quality steels in order to make knives that are as durable as they are appealing. Each of my knives are handmade one at a time, and each are individually unique.


I started making knives around 2007; I have always and still do use the stock removal method. After experimenting with various types of metal, I have since February of 2015 began using  D-2 tool steel exclusively unless the customer request something else.

D-2 is a high carbon, high chromium steel that has a very high wear resistance. Each Blade goes through a 7-Hour Heat Treating Process in order to obtain a 58-59 Rockwell Hardness. According to the Blade Steel Index published by Cabelas, D-2 has "Superior Hardness and Edge Longevity".  My customers who have purchased my knives made with this steel have offered extremely positive feedback for holding an edge. 

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